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Valoriza Water Saudi Co.

Valoriza Water Saudi Company is part of Shamiekh Holding Group 
Valoriza Water is a world leader in design, construction and operation of desalination plants. Since its inception, Valoriza Water was a pioneer in the field of sea-water desalination for human consumption, industrial use and for watering crops. Fitting plants with the latest membrane technology for reverse osmosis or the most innovative electro dialysis systems. Nowadays, Valoriza Water facilities are able to provide  over  1,9     million  cubic meters   daily   (the   equivalent   to consumption  in  a  city  with  more than 10 million inhabitants) into the water  cycle, with  reduced  energy consumption,  substantially  enhancing existing natural resources:
  • Over 750 hm³ a year, through reverse osmosis.
  • Over 75 hm³ a year, through reversal electro dialysis.
  •  Over 10 hm³ a year of process water for industrial purposes.
  • Over 325 hm³ a year of sewage water treatment and reuse.


Valoriza also  develops  a  wide  range  of businesses,   permanently   focused   on providing  an  integral  service  for  its clients  and  meeting  their  every  need, giving rise to an ever increasing profitability  due  to  the company´s  selective portfolio   of   activities   (Industry and Energy, Water,  Environment and Miscellaneous services).

The greatly varied and intense activity carried out by Valoriza in distinct countries such as Spain, Brazil, Algeria, Portugal, Australia or Tunisia focuses on four main areas:

  • Integral Water Cycle
  •  Industry and Energy
  •  Environmental and Public Services
  • Multi-Services
Valoriza is part of Sacyr Group, a diversified group receiving international recognition and encompassing in several areas of activity: construction, infrastructure concessions, services and real estate. Sacyr Group, active on five continents, conducts sustainable and cost – effective business management, constantly striving for technological leadership and improved levels of efficiency.
The high technical and technological standards of Sacyr show at their best advantage in Valoriza, the company that heads the Group’s Service Division.

Population growth, the change in life-styles and the economic expansion have increased significantly the pressure on water resources. Valoriza Water addresses this reality with state-of-the-art engineering applied to water treatment and supply:


  • Global leaders in desalination industry.
  •  Desalination through electro dialysis reversal and reverse osmosis.
  • Industrial water treatment.
  •  Wastewater treatment and recycling.
  • Our R&D&I has set the tradition of applying state-of-the-art technology



  • Over 26.000 km of pipes carrying drinking water. Valoriza Water’s experience and technical response are demonstrated in its capacity not only to operate across the distinct supply sources but also to design and build the facilities needed to optimize nature´s resources while minimizing the impact on the environment.


  • Quality water is more than drinking water.  For Valoriza Water, quality means unbeatable supply, meter reading management,    simple and convenient billing for users. The water quality offered by Valoriza represents life quality, capacity to respond quickly and meet  new  demands  and  bring comfort to homes.
  •  We provide water services to 9.650.000 inhabitants across 6 countries
  • Meeting a demand that exceeds 250 hm³ year
  • We manage the biggest water management mixed company in Spain (EMALSA) in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, serving 400.000 inhabitants.
  • We manage one of the biggest mixed company contract in Spain in the last ten years within the privatization of EMMASA (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). We serve over 222.000 inhabitants.


One of  the  main  uses  of  water  is cleaning. Both the water used and rain water have to be eliminated from the urban environment and channeled for subsequent treatment,  before  being returned to its natural cycle.

Aware of this reality, Valoriza Water boasts, as part of all activities, a cleaning and maintenance service which uses modern tele-control evacuation systems for the urban sewer and pipe network, as well as sewage pre-treatment systems necessary for advanced treatment.

Worldwide, we operate and maintain over 108.000 drains and scuppers In 13.000 km of sewer network. We perform inspection of infrastructure and do workless repairs, using the most modern technical resources for sewer cleaning, with water recycling systems that do not use drinking water.



  • Wastewater from population centres, crops  and  industries  contains  toxic elements that, if directly discharged, would    pollute    and    harm    the environment significantly.
  • Valoriza Water closes the water cycle loop by treating wastewater before it is given back to nature.
  • Wastewater treatment plants have been designed, built or operated by Valoriza Water in cities such as Madrid or Murcia with a total capacity over 890.000 m³/day.


Wastewater treatment plays an essential role in the efficient use of water resources and sustainable development.

Valoriza Water works on the implementation of new treatment processes through its R&D&I department, for efficient development of technologies that can be applied to water reutilization and regeneration.
The  ultimate  goal  is  to  optimize  the existing   procedures   and   to   fine-tune state-of-the-art-technologies. In this way the environment is protected and water is preserved.
Additionally, Valoriza Water carries out environment watch plans that guarantee the monitoring and control of the impact of facilities on the environment.

We reuse more than 25 hm³ annually by:

  • Farming uses
  • Irrigation for all types of crops
  • Industrial uses
  • Cooling towers: ultra-pure water in non-contact processes Urban uses: washing-down of streets, watering gardens
  • Fire-fighting system
  • Recreational uses
  • Golf courses, ponds…
  • Environment uses
  • Replenishing of aquifers, maintenance of wetlands…
Water is a current asset, and we work hard to develop best strategies for a safe future.
Thanks to ongoing research, development and innovation efforts where new technologies and state-of-the-art systems are applied for desalinization, purification, pipe control systems,  treatment and specific treatment actions, Valoriza Water contributes solutions to optimize existing water resources and supply any population center and industry while at the same time balancing this with proper care of the environment The  R&D&I  applied  to  processes  has resulted in synergies between the generation of energy and the care of the environment.

Water is an economic asset that is critical to social development. Technology allows us to make the necessary quantities of water available to people with the right level of quality for the different uses and without generating waste or contaminants.


To generate new resources through desalination and to make it possible to regenerate used water to be used again for other purposes or to be returned to the environment under the best possible conditions.

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