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Ruybesa Saudi Co.

Ruybesa Saudi Co. is the arm of Shamiekh Holding Group dedicated to turnkey AUDIO VISUAL solutions, covering all aspects of complex integrations from the development, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of all kind of electronic infrastructure such as Educational Buildings, Metro & Train facilities, Airports, Hotels, Malls, Banks and Smart Buildings.
Ruybesa is synonymous of international prestige, with customers in more than 30 countries and over 36 years of commitment has proven Ruybesa anticipates the evolution of ever changing and ever more complex communication technologies. Our professionalism and continuous adaptation will always be our formula for positioning ourselves as a World Leader in visual communication solutions. Proof of that is our highly-evolved infrastructure and services provided in the U.S., Latin America, Middle East, Asia and Europe. We are proud to say that Ruybesa anticipates all our customers’ needs related to communication, and we integrate all available technological solutions to meet every one of those needs, and that is our key to success.


What we do?

  • Meeting & Conference Rooms
  • Video Wall Display Systems
  • Training Rooms
  • Auditoriums, Theaters & Concert Halls
  • Sport Venues and Arena Stadiums
  • Convention Centers, Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Corporate Buildings (Smart Buildings)
  • Hospitals and Health Centers
  • Airports & Train & Metro Stations
  • Corporate Communications
  • Hotels & Urban Complexes
  • Universities & Educational Institutions
  • Banking & Financial Complexes
  • Large Commercial & Retail Areas
  • Amusement Parks
  • Travel Agencies
  • Restaurants
  • Parking lots
  • Etc.



a)    Integrated AUDIOVISUAL Solutions:

Audiovisual media has become an essential differentiator in optimizing the communications of any company. It is vital to know how to manage information indifferent dedicated spaces such as for presentations, training, meetings, conferences, exhibitions and large events. At Ruybesa we offer the latest technology in audiovisual solutions. We integrate teams and create robust systems managed through the most convenient and intuitive interfaces. The results are highly functional and value-added spaces.

  • System Consulting & Advisory
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • End-User Training
  • Acoustic Analysis
  • System Integration
  • After-Sales Service and Maintenance.


       And our tailor-made solutions include:

  • Sound Enhancement Systems
  • Integration of Audiovisual Services
  • Specific software solutions for Command & Control
  • Video projection, Video Walls, LED screens
  • Lighting systems

b)Digital Signage Audiovisual Solutions:

We combine technology and information to distribute audiovisual messages throughout networked displays and audiovisual panels.

We manage scalable, 100% web compatible and multiuser digital content customized to each user via:

  • Custom Hardware Solutions
  • Proprietary Software
  • Monitoring & Remote Control Systems
  • 24/7 multi-language customer care & support service
  • Integration with other Systems & Elements


In addition, we offer our clients integrated solutions, from design to installation, configuration and commissioning, at the cutting edge of hardware for indoor/outdoor high quality screens and video walls, definition and brightness LED and LCD displays, video walls, totems, AV environment adapted windows, facade video panels, etc. And of course we provide a top quality support and maintenance network TV, IPTV & HD AV distribution system solutions.


We provide various open circuit television distribution solutions as well as Internet Protocol Television through voice-data networks for greater information control and management.

  • TV recording, Distribution & Reception
  • ICT Projects
  • High Quality HDMI Audio & Video distribution systems
  • IPTV systems
  •  Integration with CRM & ERP systems for Customized & Automated services
  • Solutions for SPECIAL Public Address System
  • Voice-data & Security Facilities


Nowadays specialized systems are growing in complexity and becoming critical parts of the solutions implemented in a project. Our solutions provide continuous adaptation, not only to the latest regulations EN-54 concerning public address systems, but also to such diverse  aspects as the increasing need for quality and speed of both wired and wireless data  transmission, more extensive user-access, systems security, energy efficiency, smart buildings and home management systems and television, internet television, high definition and HDMI distribution and more.

At Ruybesa we know that the only constant in our industry is progress and change.


c)  PA integrated solutions:

We provide the most advanced integrated PA solutions for the development and installation of professional audio systems. We offer versatility, high performance and integration to meet every need and any available space. Our PA systems are up to European evacuation standards EN54 RUYBESA forms part the standardization advisory for audio emergency, fire alarm and evacuation communication.

  • Custom acoustic analysis for each installation
  • Consulting, design and installation
  • Emergency and evacuation systems (integration with  other systems such as fire protection and telephony  centers)
  • Open, Scalable and Inferable Systems
  • Support and Training
  • System Control & Automation


d)  Voice & Data Information Technology Solutions:

At Ruybesa we offer consulting, design and implementation of all type of voice and data systems. We are experts in consulting and technical management services, integrated projects and analysis, quality control, technical support, maintenance management, tailor-made wiring implementation and more. And we deliver everything with the highest principles of reliability and adaptability:


  •  Development & implementation of any type of voice-data network
  • Networking
  • Transmission of voice & data
  • Fiber optics
  • Audio & video conference systems
  • elepresence suites


e)  Integrated Security & Surveillance solutions:

So called “sensitive” corporate installations require extremely special attention and professionalism. Right from the project get-go, Ruybesa Security ensures the conscientious integration of these systems, creating connection and communication protocols compatible with the rest of the facilities. Among our many other services we offer:

  • Risk & Vulnerability Analysis
  • Project Design & Development
  • Integration & Consulting throughout all project phases
  • Facility Installation & Maintenance
  • Training & After-sales Consulting & Support
  • Scalable & Inferable systems
  • Alarm systems
  • Access control
  • Video surveillance.
  • Perimeter Control & Intrusion systems
  •  Visitor management software & security installations
  • Emergency & evacuation public address systems


f)    Home & Building Automation & Control Solutions:

Deserving special attention in today’s world is Building Management and control Systems (BMS), which can centralize information received by light, weather, electromechanical and audiovisual control system sensors. With this information we can act to considerably enhance comfort and energy efficiency.

  • Design and Sizing of facilities
  • Programming & Management Software
  • Multi-device integration, e.g. Ipad, smartphone, PC.
  • ntegration with different standards: KNX, Modbus, BACnet, Dali, Lonworks
  • Efficient enhancement systems for energy saving

Our strategy is highly linked and committed to Customer Satisfaction:

  • Delivering Quality Products and Services
  • Investing in Technology and Infrastructure
  • Emphasizing on Productivity and Competitiveness
  • Applying a highly selective employment process
  •  Implementing an extensive & focused employee training program
  • Creating a modern work environment
  • Building alliances and partnerships with leading international suppliers
Our Vision is to consign Ruybesa Saudi Co. as a prime provider of highly visible as well as a paramount Integrated AUDIOVISUAL solutions, Digital Signage Audiovisual solutions, TV, IPTV & HD AV distribution system solutions, Public Address System Solutions, Voice-data & Security Installations, Integrated security & surveillance solutions Company in the Information Technology industry.
Quest for Next Generation Technology to execute at its highest standard of professionalism in the process creating new benchmarks for the quality of its solution along with services earning respect, trust of its customers as a main engine for its continued growth in the business profitability with uninterrupted reputation.
Our Mission is to become a regional leader integrator in the IT industry by providing innovative, practical state-of-the-art customized IT solutions, on top of top-quality products.
Also, to develop and maintain long and trustful relationships with our clients through our commitment to providing them with the highest quality, innovative IT solutions along with support thus helping them in increasing the efficiency, productivity plus profitability of their organizations.
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