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Jadaara Real Estate.


Jadaara Real Estate is a specialized company in urban development through programs of construction, development, marketing, and projects management. Founded in 1416 H, a subsidiary of Shamiekh Holding Group, the company has implemented many of unique projects. In the recent years, Jadaara Real Estate  has excelled powerfully due to God's guidance first, then adhering and insistence on quality, efficiency, accuracy of performance and credibility in relationships and deals

Real Estate Development
There is a variety of different approaches for development in which Jadaara Real Estate can be involved. They range from  projects in different sectors, including residential, commercial and industrial. These endeavors can be:
  • Directly owned;
  • Owned through a partnership with investors;
  • Joint Ventures; or BOTs (Build Operate and Transfer)
We have long-standing and broad experience in handling large residential and commercial projects. This experience assists us ensure that our company remains within the top tier in the market
 Acquire Fixed Asset & Capitalizing on Opportunities:
The Company intends to create developments with the ultimate goal of achieving a long-term stable income for overall portfolio strength. To achieve this, we will continue to actively seek acquisition opportunities to capitalize on the Management Company’s many regional and international endeavors as well.
Property Valuation and analysis
A part of Jadaara Real Estate  services, which is directly related to the company’s main practice in real estate, is valuation. In order to fully evaluate all aspects of the deal, whether big or small, we have an experienced evaluation department. This is the first of many steps we use towards determining the true value of property. With an accurate valuation, we then can prepare the necessary feasibility studies for projects meant for sale or future expansion, as well as accurately calculate a company’s underlying assets.
The process of evaluating real estate is done in various ways that follow a study that measures the value of the property in relation to the future profits expected from the property. We have developed and maintained an in-house database, as well as our management team’s experience and contacts to ensure we have the most up-to-date and accurate information possible
Strategic Partnership
Jadaara Real Estate  founding members provide the Company not only with an exceptionally strong foundation to build from, but also increased opportunities for partnerships and joint ventures, co-invested projects, financial back up, and creating real estate funds in both the local and regional market.
Real Estate Market Research
Jadaara Real Estate Research Department comprises a dedicated team that assesses the large number of risk factors that are associated with the rapidly growing industry of real estate development. Building on a quantitative approach to understanding the processes of the market, the reasoning and data behind each change are all analyzed. This helps ensure an accurate, scientific, and less haphazard understanding of the industry. The Research department harnesses and compares all of this to prevent conflicting figures, statistics, and data regarding the growth entailed.
Participating in regional leadership of real estate sector and related areas.
All our actions are guided by what is ethical, fair, and right. Believing in profit with honor, we are committed to good governance and the highest moral standards.
Our goal is to delight and please our customers. Thus ,all activities and programs we undertake result in innovative projects and in the enhancement of productivity and quality.
With unity in purpose and mutual trust and respect for each other, we work toward shared aspirations and transcend boundaries along functional and organizational lines.

Our vision that Jadaara Real Estate. will be essentially beneficial in development domain of real estate sectors of different types in accordance with our distinguished government orientations in privatization and sharing private sector in the urban development projects to contribute in advancing the national economic and employment of Saudis.

Providing real estate services fit Saudi society with high quality that meets the needs & desires of the client. As the company does construction and operations for some real estate projects, it also develops others with innovation of its methods of management and investment, whether for raw land, schemes, and residential complexes, commercial or industrial real estates. In addition, the company provides all studies, facilities and marketing services needed for business success.
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