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Es Hamat International Co.

Es Hamat International Company was established in 2008 and is part of Shamiekh Holding Group, working in the hospitality industry in the field of supply and installation of central kitchen, industrial laundry, bakery and pastry equipment, cold and dry stores and utensils and accessories for hotels, hospitals, restaurants, palaces, and housing complexes.

Es Hamat International Company is Agent and Distributor of renowned international European and American  manufacturers of highest standards of durability, reliability and heavy duty equipment for professional duty in the Hospitality industry.
Es Hamat International Company service is extending to cover all The Kingdom, through our headquarter in  Riyadh to meet the needs and satisfaction of respected customers through our unique services.
Es Hamat activity is extended all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to service our customers.
We provide a full service to our customers including the Design, Supply, Installation and Maintenance of:
  •  Central Kitchen Equipment
  •   Industrial Laundry Equipment
We cover the after sales service supported by a wide stock range of spare parts.
Different organizations and different concepts require an individual analysis of the organizational structure including all factors affecting the operation of each organization.
Es Hamat acts as a consultant with the customer to analyze all the requirements of the projects. The kitchen or laundry organization, the logistical process and the technical equipment, considering the direct surroundings, such as storerooms, sanitary areas for employees, service and bar sectors, are configured and planned in this conceptual stage.
Structural conditions, local regulations, hygiene ordinances and energy efficiency are hereby taken into account, where the kitchen and/ or laundry concept must also have the flexibility to adapt to future market trends.
The result of this conceptual analysis is the basis for the following planning process. Whether for process scheduling, the detailed planning of the facilities or the preparation of the detailed work and installation plans, Es Hamat applies the most modern CAD technology (2D/3D views) in all phases of the project.
The organizational structure of the kitchen or laundry, logistical processes, work ergonomics, thermal equipment, furniture elements etc. are represented in detail in the plan and give a first spatial impression of the new kitchen and laundry to the customer in 3D technology.
State-of-the-art production methods and the know-how of the manufacturing people allow the efficient, cost-conform and quality oriented production of the equipment needed for the agreed customer solution.
Well experienced specialists from Es Hamat conduct the professional installation of the kitchen and/or laundry components on-site. After installation is completed, all equipment is once more tested on its functional readiness, only then the hand-over to the customer takes place.
Finally, we help our customers to adapt to the change: Usually, a refurbishing of the kitchen or laundry is also connected with changes of the organizational and logistical work processes and to new equipment technology. In order for our customers to be able to use and apply the new technology and learn the new workflows from the beginning, experienced Es Hamat Team instruct the kitchen crew or laundry staff with the equipment. In this way, we familiarize the chefs, housekeeping, laundry manager and the kitchen and laundry team at their own location with the operation and the application of the equipment. 

To become a leader in local & regional market by providing high quality hospitality industry services to meet customer needs and expectations.

We are committed to provide hospitality industry services by using high quality products. Our talented, unique after sales service and well trained team stands always to assist our customers.
Our engagement in professional Catering &Laundry industries exceeds customer expectations at affordable and acceptable prices.
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