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Duro Felguera Saudi Co.

Duro Felguera Saudi Company is part of Shamiekh Holding Group, dedicated to Power Generation from gas-fired to conventional power plants.
DURO FELGUERA “DF” is a multinational company specializing in the execution of turnkey projects for the Energy, Mining & Handling and Oil & Gas sectors. The company also provides specialized services such as erection, commissioning, operation and maintenance for electrical and industrial facilities and has its own capital goods manufacturing workshops.
DF was set up in 1858 and has been quoted on the Madrid Stock Market since 1905. The headquarters are located in Gijón in the north of Spain and the company employs over 2,000 professionals.
DF has permanent offices in major countries in Latin America, Europe, Middle East and Asia which means that the company has a stable structure close to the projects it executes, and can therefore manage them more efficiently throughout their development.
Turnkey construction projects for all types of power generation facilities, mineral processing and handling projects, fuel storage plants, equipment and installations for the Oil & Gas sector.
With over 50 gas-fired power generation facilities built in Latin America, Europe and Africa DF is one of the main International specialist turnkey contractors for combined and open cycle power plants, as the main contractor or in collaboration with the world’s major OEMs in the energy sector. In addition, it also builds conventional power plants, solar powered plants and desulphurization and denitrification facilities.
The company carries out the whole construction process including management of the project as well as engineering, providing supplies, electrical and mechanical assembly, start-up, operation and maintenance of the plants.
The group has already installed over 21,000 MW and its references include turnkey projects in Spain, UK, Italy, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela and Algeria.
DF has a group of companies with great experience in providing specialized construction and O&M services for power generation and industrial facilities. The company carries out turnkey contracts for biomass and cogeneration plants as well as smart warehouse systems.  
The subsidiary “DF Operaciones y Montajes” specializes in electro-mechanical construction, thermal, cryogenic and acoustic insulation, as well as start-up, operation and maintenance of power generation and industrial facilities.
“DF Mompresa” is the leading Spanish company in the construction and overhaul of turbines, generators and auxiliary equipment at all types of power generation facilities.
“DF Mompresa” also carries out turnkey projects for biomass, cogeneration and pellet plants, as well as automated storage and maintenance systems.

DF focuses its strategy into 6 different fields:

  • Energy
  • Mining and handling
  • Oil & Gas
  • Services
  • Manufacturing of capital goods - Communications and control systems

Internationally grow in turnkey projects, providing customers with a qualitInternationally grow in turnkey projects, providing customers with a quality service that meet their needs in constructing industrial installations. y service that meet their needs in constructing industrial installations. 


We are dedicated and focus to customer service with internationally oriented activities:

  • Commitment to customer satisfaction along with strict compliance with contractual obligations in terms of schedule and quality
  • Commitment to our shareholders, ensuring them the corresponding return on their investment
  • Sustained growth through technological development and internationalization
  • Reinvestment in assets and technological development so as to guarantee our ongoing competitiveness
  • Contribution to the professional and personal development of our employees. Loyalty to our partners and collaborators.
  • Integration in the community and in the social context where we carry out our work
  • Strict compliance with legislation in all countries where we operate
  • Respect for the environment and occupational health and safety
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  •  DF Operaciones y montajes
  •  DF Caldereria pesada
  • DF Rail
  • DF Tedesa
  • DF Nucleo
  • DF Epicon
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